About Us

About Us

Aqua Masters specializes in residential and commercial sprinkler and drip irrigation repair and maintenance services. Our commitment to you is professionalism, honesty and quality workmanship.

Be assured we’ll get the job done right. Our team of expert sprinkler and irrigation repair service technicians has more than 30 years of combined experience in design, installation, repair and maintenance of all major irrigation system brands. Quality Service is always are 1st priority.


Sprinkler and Drip Repair

Irrigation Drip Repair

Leak Detection

Irrigation System Maintenance

Wiring Problems

System Check-Ups

Timer Installation and Replacement

Low Pressure Problems

Sprinkler System Add-Ons

Brown Spots


Valve Locating


Valve Repair and Replacement

Sprinkler Head Repair

Service Request


  • System Repair
  • System Maintenence

Specializing In

Sprinkler and Drip System Maintenance

System Check-Ups

Valves, Heads, Timers

Leak Detection

Troubleshooting and Wiring Issues

Writing & Low Pressure Problem

Quality Service